Online Marketing for Restaurants: 5 essential techniques

The restaurants are enormously complex business and subject to a very high level of competition in Spain. Year after year we attended a dance numerous ups and downs in which we said goodbye illustrious business and we welcome new options that arouse great expectations.

Smartphones and restaurants

Although clearly are traditional businesses, their influence in the digital field is unquestionable. If someone believes that the Internet has no impact on your restaurant is that not only do not know the digital world but do not know your customers. Is not it common to see customers photographing food with mobile? Is not it common to see customers focused on their phone when they should be talking or eating? Are there not many restaurant reviews online? Why they have appeared large multinational companies offering online reservations? Why are millions of people attending and commenting on what some chefs like José Andrés and David de Jorge say on social networks?

It may not be as important. Perhaps some professional exhibitionists abuse. But the online marketing without being the most important for a restaurant that works well, is important and this importance is and will continue growing in the coming years. Even more important, due to the very significant technological change, the opportunities that now exist can not be maintained over time.

What online marketing can bring to a restaurant?

Once satisfied the human need to feed a purely nutritional purpose, the restaurants become entertainment companies that allow enjoy a moment in the company of friends or family (s social), tasting new and exciting flavors in a different context than usual (experience).

Given that social relations are increasingly linked to the Internet by the phenomenon of social networks, this first factor, the food as a social event, it seems that no longer will be able to separate the technology environment. Since communication between diners to set date, time and place until the subsequent comments by posting photos and opinions.

Tasting food could seem further away from the digital field aspect. At the end of the day , they can not be transmitted by Internet odor or taste. However, restaurants increasingly paying more attention to the presentation . If this happens it is because it is important to convey a sense according to the quality of the food. It is necessary that the customer experience sensations with food even before it to his mouth. The image, either photo or video, it does have a very large capacity to spread online. Therefore, even a diminished form in terms of quality, by being left out of the equation the smell and taste, the image can be transmitted to an almost infinite number of people, ie, the Internet allows communicate an experience less intense to more people.

How to promote a restaurant through online marketing?

The most important thing would be to design a course composed of different aspects of Your Business Digital to give coherence to the productive part made of room and kitchen with the communication part strategy. Communication should also take into account the on and offline elements. It is, this is the first technique that we recommend for online marketing.

  1. QR coastersIntegrates online media in the classroom experience . This is of great value because the customer happens to be a point to have more contact with the restaurant visitor, giving the business more opportunities to serve and seduce him to repeat. Since elements of communication and a continued impact as the facade, the sign, display elements on the door or outside the premises (daily menu showcase with letter exhibitor card …), the client is no approaches the tables may have elements as flyers, printed paper tablecloths and letter and finally, before retiring, customers receive the note on a plate or case. Obviously put a logo on the label size Facebook trade name is somewhat exaggerated but there are many things that can be done. For example, if we use a blackboard to post the day ‘s menu outside, we could let users know that information is available on the website or social networks. Perhaps customers menu of the day not always go ahead or do not retain that information from the office but can easily consult and precisely when making the decision of where to eat. The showcase with the letter may also include a web address and social network icons for the interested visitor knows that you can access at a later time to see photos of the property. Finally, to deliver the note, it is an ideal place to ask that values their experience on the website, on Facebook or on trip time. A shortened URL or QR code can facilitate access from mobile devices.
  2. Make yourself visible on the Internet . We should note that there are different levels of visibility. You may find the restaurant to the web page appears, missing more, why search engines are what they are. It would also be nice to have a business listing onGoogle My Business on Tripadvisor , in Foursquare , on Yelp … and all pages and local directories that can help us know and improve our online reputation . As a finishing touch, allowing users looking us in Google, Google Maps and Google+ make a virtual visit to the establishment can bring a lot of confidence and improve the image.
  3. Participate and show your arguments . Nobody knows a restaurant as well as their managers although we tend to overestimate the knowledge of loyal customers. It is possible (if not certain) that the best customers do not know all the dishes on the menu or who do not know what’s new seasonal or special letter are outside. A good use of social networks allow you to communicate all the news and publicize those special and full flavor dishes but perhaps by having a too common name is not drawing attention in the election of the diners. Publishing attractive product photos and making recommendations, followers will be tempted to try them .
  4. Listen and learn . Although it should be the number 1 in all lists of good recommended practices it becomes more evident the need after reading the above. If we share our suggestions with the client, how are we going to stop to answer your queries and concerns?The online communication is bidirectional many occasions and customer feedback are the greatest treasure that can receive any business. Although the most common is to ask the table for their satisfaction after a meal or dinner, is also often say it has been very nice but it is not true. Virtual communication is more sincere, for better and for worse. This does not mean not being in social networks no longer be critical to an establishment. On the contrary, sometimes the mere presence of a brand deters some critics users to translate their comments. Analyzing this fact from a positive perspective, the restaurant has the potential to identify key areas for improvement as the ideal size of the portions, the level of service of staff, etc. There are many online tools and websites surveys assessing the reputation of a restaurant, properly use and ask the opinion on social networks are actions that will help us improve the business.
  5. Email marketing in restaurantsUse the email . You may perceive email as a prehistoric tool in the mix of online media but remains one of the services most used Internet and, contrary to what was believed, its use has increased since the emergence of social networks. We do not speak here of bombing with inconsequential information, of course, but to make it easier for customers who so wish relevant information about the business. There are many users who want to know if the schedule is amended in summer, if there will be special menus for Christmas dinners or return those dishes so delicious truffle next season. In addition to these types newsletter emails that we should not abuse the email marketing has other equally important uses. For example, a contact form on the web can help us catalog, automate and respond to different user communication (press, employment, schedule information …). Similarly, if we manage online reservations, is very convenient tap the email confirmation to suggest that we follow on social networks or to recommend the service to friends.

These are just 5 of the many things you can do online to improve performance a restaurant. It will never be the most important. Restaurants, like any other business, have to be good at their core business , in the kitchen and living room, but in an environment of great competition, such a powerful tool as the Internet can be the factor that decline the balance in favor of a business.

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