Know the best of your food, bars and discos

The city of Tingo María celebrates today its 75th anniversary of foundation with great fanfare. As part of the festivities for this day,Terra prepared a special list with restaurants, bars and discos that bring together the best of this area of the jungle . Take notes:

To eat

 The Palafito. Before arriving in the city of Tingo María, you will find this tourist restaurant that offers a variety of typical dishes of the area. Among them we find the traditional ‘tacacho con cecina’, ‘fried picuro’, juanes , ‘inchicapi’ and the specialty of the house: ‘santo cachón fried’. / Address: Km. 8, in the tourist resort ‘Cueva de las Pavas’.


Aunt Julia’s restaurant. In this place you can enjoy the traditional food of the Amazon . A restaurant that is well known for its fabulous ‘juanes’ and its ‘tacaco con cecina’. / Address: Av. Alameda Perú, 378, Tingo María.

The charm of the jungle. A restaurant that offers typical prêt à manger montréal food of the forest , with pleasant flavors and good proportions. Do not stop eating your good ‘tacacho con cecina’ and its juices made with local fruits. /Address: Av. Alameda Perú 288, Tingo María.

To drink

Trapiche Ecological Bar . If you are looking for a drink in a comfortable atmosphere , this bar offers a varied range of cocktails and more than 25macerated with names peculiar and with a lot of jungle flavor. Among the recommended we can mention the ‘hot charapita’, the ‘shipibo enamorado’, and much more. / Address: Av. Alameda Perú 612, Tingo María.


Refreshments David. If the heat of the area leaves you exhausted, do not forget to visit the rooms of this company, which began 3 years ago selling their unique soft drinks on an outpatient basis at Tingo María. Among the flavors that you can request, are cocona, aguaje, camu camu, carambola and taperiba. / Address: Jr. Julio Burga 356, Tingo María.

To dance and have fun

The Kabaña. This place promises a lot of music and fun evenings, and all visitors can enjoy live shows. / Address: Av. Alameda Peru 656, Tingo María.

Happy World. Another nocturnal enclosure that promises to continue the fun and the candor of its land. Fashion music and a full recess climate awaits you here. / Address: Av. Pucallpa 484, Tingo María.

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