How to lose weight fast for a party

 As lose weight fast for a party .All we have worried when suddenly we were invited to celebrate a special occasion like join graduation, a wedding, a birthday, a romantic dinner or some other way con memorable event? …

Then as usual you go to the closet to get the right dress or go shopping .. and when you got what you were looking suddenly you look in the mirror and see the happy dress does not suit you but the color and design are fabulous, but I want to use again and again you feel uncomfortable to see that you do not go and these in just one week of that special occasion then you do ….

 As lose weight fast for a party

As for those situations you want to tell that there is a great way to lose weight for a special occasion and eliminate love handles in a week, but you must keep well these tips to the letter.This diet is very simple easy to follow and the have summarized in 6 steps but have to follow as you already mentioned, AL VERBATIM: Step Number 1 . This diet can only be done for a week and it ‘s all you need Step Number 2 you start your day with a cup of warm water accompanied by a lemon and the same amount of water with lemon should take it at night before going to sleep during these seven days so that in this way you prepare your body to lose weight fast for a party and thus get moving your metabolism, burn fat and other benefits but you do not expect. Step No. 3 must stop forcibly eating carbs this week, and instead they compensate with protein, fiber, ie the mornings you can eat white eggs, vegetables , some fruits and lunch and the food you can eat salad, chicken, fish and always accompanied by water and believe that water is totally important and should not leave it for this week.

As lose weight fast for a party . Step No. 4

This step is the most important is that for any reason you need to skip your meals and you already have I mentioned as a diet and you can add other foods that are high in protein and fiber. Step Number 5 in step number 5 maybe I hate but for your sake, in this process of diet for a week, you have to leave NECESSARILY sugar and this implies an effort on your part to let the cupcakes you see on the street, chewing gum and you even leave the table sugar …. If CORRECT, sugar that you have at home, these candies do you have more hungry and therefore everything you eat turns to fat and this will gain weight. Step Number 6 Now if they start to hate me really, because during this period have to leave COFFEE even if it hurts to accept it but you have to be strong to lose weight fast in a week , also to compensate for this effort, but instead can take GREEN TEA and Milagro Pastillas as these drinks come and decaffeinated while have antioxidants that help you lose weight. and the last step 7 is accompanied with fun and goes hand in enrolling your tennis shoes as they are called in other countries and get ready for the gym, this is the part where more fun people and also helps to de- stress. by following these simple steps you can reach the goal of  losing weight fast in a week  to make things easier’ll show you a video where you can see these steps in a more fun way.

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