An application to keep the bag to the rhythm of music

Can you imagine the usually stressed stockbrokers dancing through the halls of Wall Street? This would be possible thanks to a new application will allow to follow the evolution of markets through the music stored on the mobile library. This technology was developed by La Caixa, and intends to experiment with the development of new financial services.

It is called `ถุงพลาสติกใส Stock Music ‘and with it the user can, for example, linking a rise in the volume of their favorite group with the increase in the Ibex 35. the new application uses the library audio and adjusts the volume of the same in parallel with the evolution of the markets . The user chooses which index or wants to value, and thus does not have to be continually referring to the stock information to be informed, but can perform other tasks in the meantime. The new? App ‘is updated every 15 minutes, during which the volume remains constant, and to receive updated information is automatically produces the musical variation. In addition, it is also available charts and graphs specially designed to suit the format of the mobile. The application is free and, so far, is designed for Android operating system.

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