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Know the best of your food, bars and discos

The city of Tingo María celebrates today its 75th anniversary of foundation with great fanfare. As part of the festivities for this day,Terra prepared a special list with restaurants, bars and discos that bring together the best of this area of the jungle . Take notes:

To eat

 The Palafito. Before arriving in the city of Tingo María, you will find this tourist restaurant that offers a variety of typical dishes of the area. Among them we find the traditional ‘tacacho con cecina’, ‘fried picuro’, juanes , ‘inchicapi’ and the specialty of the house: ‘santo cachón fried’. / Address: Km. 8, in the tourist resort ‘Cueva de las Pavas’.


Aunt Julia’s restaurant. In this place you can enjoy the traditional food of the Amazon . A restaurant that is well known for its fabulous ‘juanes’ and its ‘tacaco con cecina’. / Address: Av. Alameda Perú, 378, Tingo María.

The charm of the jungle. A restaurant that offers typical prêt à manger montréal food of the forest , with pleasant flavors and good proportions. Do not stop eating your good ‘tacacho con cecina’ and its juices made with local fruits. /Address: Av. Alameda Perú 288, Tingo María.

To drink

Trapiche Ecological Bar . If you are looking for a drink in a comfortable atmosphere , this bar offers a varied range of cocktails and more than 25macerated with names peculiar and with a lot of jungle flavor. Among the recommended we can mention the ‘hot charapita’, the ‘shipibo enamorado’, and much more. / Address: Av. Alameda Perú 612, Tingo María.


Refreshments David. If the heat of the area leaves you exhausted, do not forget to visit the rooms of this company, which began 3 years ago selling their unique soft drinks on an outpatient basis at Tingo María. Among the flavors that you can request, are cocona, aguaje, camu camu, carambola and taperiba. / Address: Jr. Julio Burga 356, Tingo María.

To dance and have fun

The Kabaña. This place promises a lot of music and fun evenings, and all visitors can enjoy live shows. / Address: Av. Alameda Peru 656, Tingo María.

Happy World. Another nocturnal enclosure that promises to continue the fun and the candor of its land. Fashion music and a full recess climate awaits you here. / Address: Av. Pucallpa 484, Tingo María.




We live in a post-Internet era in which production and distribution of the images are available to anyone. Questions about what elements make a photograph is considered “real” have constantly discussed throughout the last decade, but the genre has gone through the most radical change is the music photography .

The visual iconography of music and documented seduced a whole generation thanks to magazines like NME and Rolling Stone and Hashtag Printer Photo Booth, but what is the current situation with the circulation of print media in decline? This question is posed We Want More: Image Making and Music in the 21st Century , a new exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery in London.

The exhibition examines the role of the photograph in the definition of musical culture acts l to present a variety of works from the series of photos UKG (1999-2000) Ewen Spencer to Trash Talk (2013) by William Coutts, through You and My Friends 6(2013) Ryan McGinley , which shows close – ups of the festivals- regulars. These images are proof of the reorganization that has suffered so much the music industry as photography after scanning.


Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin Lady Gaga / Dope – ARTPOP, Inez van Lamsweerde © 2013 & Vinoodh Matadin courtesy of the artists

Internet has given us an exchange economy that has completely changed the ideas of ownership and curatorship. Now, you can open Instagram just after a concert and see dozens of live images made by fans of the group. So what value is less than those made by a professional? Even the magazines (who once would have sent a photographer to do the job) will give up their social networking groups to document their actions, eliminating the middleman altogether.

The photograph on the music flowing and not for the limits of what can be done at each level -fan, artist, and photographer are constantly being renegotiated. The artist plays a key role in this game: in a world in which fans and paparazzi are what make and distribute the images worldwide, the authors have had to claim ownership of their work and the way more meaningful to do it is through Instagram.

Think of someone like Rihanna: has over 22 million followers who share a particular version of itself and presents his body the way he wants you to see (semi naked in the pool or adorned with Swarovski crystals) . She and other artists have built their personal brand and gotten millions of people follow everything postean thanks to the phenomenon of social networks. Already photographer Dan Wilton said: “Instagram is a photo shoot much better than could do any photographer because it has a privileged relationship”.


Roger Ballen. Gooi Rooi, 2012 © Roger Ballen courtesy of the artist

More and more artists who fall exhausted at the foot of technology. For example, the best djs folks are crazy about Snapchat: just make friends with Calvin Harris, Diplo and Dillon Francis to discover the secrets of their lifestyle full of extravagant parties laden with champagne.

So what is the impact of this phenomenon on paper music photographer? The work of Dan Wilton has changed to some extent: “Fewer and fewer groups called me to document their tours and it may be because they can do my work themselves Part of my work is analog and may no longer make much sense. for musicians, since they want the product instantly. the immediacy is what they value most younger fans. ”


Ryan McGinley, You and My Friends 6 2013 © Ryan McGinley team courtesy of the artist and Gallery

For this reason, photographers have had to adapt and evolve. “There are fewer photographers music that will commission because it is now easier to make a personal project and put after images in circulation , ” says Diane Smyth, the curator of the exhibition We Want More attached and editor of the journal British Journal of Photography .

He gathered all works, he discovered that photographers now do more interesting projects and the most creative artists collaborate with them to create worlds that go beyond the basic idea of the “picture of music”.


Dan Wilton. Mikaiha Can not Swim. STOB series of EHT, 2012 © Dan Wilton courtesy of the artist

Whether Die Antwoord in collaboration with Roger Ballen or Lady Gaga with Inez and Vinoodh, artistic photography is increasingly important for musicians who seek to differentiate themselves in a world saturated with proposals and quality images.

Another reason that photographers are increasingly willing to embark on personal projects is to get away from the restrictions of part of the industry and create a real relationship with an artist. A perfect example is the photo shoot for the magazine STOP EHT , where Dan Wilton followed The Bots by a ten – day tour in Europe: “The truth is I was looking for a group to do this sort of thing: exit on tour and do something personal where you have a public relations watching you to tell you what is wrong or what you want the brand. that’s why I liked it so much experience , “he says. The real access to artists is what keeps alive photography professional music and in that aspect that makes a difference with the pictures of the fans.

This change in attitude towards photography music as an art form is opening up a whole new world for professionals and, now, the Photographer’s Gallery will present an exhibition dealing with the theme: “Art galleries are increasingly open photography and pop culture in general. it is very interesting that an institution like MoMA in New York opens its doors to an artist like Bjork and how you can get to decant by a sense of the music rather than be restricted only the elite art “says Diane.

However, gender is continually evolving and now all the fans, artists and photographers have no place in this creative framework. The technology will continue to advance;artists find new ways to create and distribute their image; their relationship with fans and photographers evolve fans will be forced to find more bold and innovative strategies.

An application to keep the bag to the rhythm of music

Can you imagine the usually stressed stockbrokers dancing through the halls of Wall Street? This would be possible thanks to a new application will allow to follow the evolution of markets through the music stored on the mobile library. This technology was developed by La Caixa, and intends to experiment with the development of new financial services.

It is called `ถุงพลาสติกใส Stock Music ‘and with it the user can, for example, linking a rise in the volume of their favorite group with the increase in the Ibex 35. the new application uses the library audio and adjusts the volume of the same in parallel with the evolution of the markets . The user chooses which index or wants to value, and thus does not have to be continually referring to the stock information to be informed, but can perform other tasks in the meantime. The new? App ‘is updated every 15 minutes, during which the volume remains constant, and to receive updated information is automatically produces the musical variation. In addition, it is also available charts and graphs specially designed to suit the format of the mobile. The application is free and, so far, is designed for Android operating system.

Two days diet to lose weight we climb at parties.

In these times, no doubt we seek to lose the extra kilos, but we find it difficult to do so when the holidays come our way to the perfect body.


For this reason, we detail below the famous two – day diet that swept the world. It is ideal to lower kilos added at parties:
The diet consists of eating a variety of smoothies nutritious and natural and do not eat anything solid. These shakes natural and nutritious be taken for only two days (not more) and will also have to be accompanied by daily exercise, is recommended to practice it for 10 minutes a day.
This diet not only will help you lose the extra kilos, but which will also help to detoxify your body.
– breakfast: to start with these two days of diet, begin each morning with two juices to start a smoothie water based and banana, and other water – based, orange and lemon juice. In both cases, you can add a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten them.
-Media Morning: The ideal time for this smoothie is a smoothie of strawberries and pineapple.
-Mediodía: Noon is ideal for a nutritious smoothie vegetables, such as: a boy cucumber, one tablespoon of parsley, lemon juice half.
– mid – afternoon: Beaten of strawberries, two slices of pineapple, an orange and half a lemon.
-Night: 1 kiwi, broccoli soup three tablespoons (previously boiled) three tablespoons of spinach (boiled), half a tablespoon of lemon juice.


You can play with these shakes , and change fruits and vegetables to your taste. No prohibited, therefore, will not be bored.

Important tips:
-. Onsite will take more than 2 liters of water during each of the two days
– can repeat the beaten many times as desired to satiate your appetite.
– If in the process of diet suffers from dizziness or vomiting, immediately abandon it.
Very important: Do not fail to mention that this diet may not be performed by people who have pathological problems nor can be done by pregnant women. For any doubt consult your trusted doctor before starting to do it . Don’t to try phen375 acheter en France. Happy party!

They murdered dentist in a nightclub in Maracaibo

A man was killed in the nightclub Zaa Bar | Photo: Panorama

A man was killed in the nightclub Zaa Bar | Photo: Panorama

Wilfredo Castillo, a best dentist in Madison, New Jersey, 35, was killed, the early hours of Sunday in the disco Zaa Bar, on 72nd Street between Avenue 13 and 13A, Maracaibo.

The prof essional LIGHT graduate was sharing with a cousin and one of his brothers allegedly occurred when a fight within the noturno place that triggered his death.

A Castillo led him badly wounded to the emergency Maracaibo University Hospital, where he entered without vital signs.

The dentist had a medical office on Avenida La Limpia. New Democracy was residing in urbanization.

How to lose weight fast for a party

 As lose weight fast for a party .All we have worried when suddenly we were invited to celebrate a special occasion like join graduation, a wedding, a birthday, a romantic dinner or some other way con memorable event? …

Then as usual you go to the closet to get the right dress or go shopping .. and when you got what you were looking suddenly you look in the mirror and see the happy dress does not suit you but the color and design are fabulous, but I want to use again and again you feel uncomfortable to see that you do not go and these in just one week of that special occasion then you do ….

 As lose weight fast for a party

As for those situations you want to tell that there is a great way to lose weight for a special occasion and eliminate love handles in a week, but you must keep well these tips to the letter.This diet is very simple easy to follow and the have summarized in 6 steps but have to follow as you already mentioned, AL VERBATIM: Step Number 1 . This diet can only be done for a week and it ‘s all you need Step Number 2 you start your day with a cup of warm water accompanied by a lemon and the same amount of water with lemon should take it at night before going to sleep during these seven days so that in this way you prepare your body to lose weight fast for a party and thus get moving your metabolism, burn fat and other benefits but you do not expect. Step No. 3 must stop forcibly eating carbs this week, and instead they compensate with protein, fiber, ie the mornings you can eat white eggs, vegetables , some fruits and lunch and the food you can eat salad, chicken, fish and always accompanied by water and believe that water is totally important and should not leave it for this week.

As lose weight fast for a party . Step No. 4

This step is the most important is that for any reason you need to skip your meals and you already have I mentioned as a diet and you can add other foods that are high in protein and fiber. Step Number 5 in step number 5 maybe I hate but for your sake, in this process of diet for a week, you have to leave NECESSARILY sugar and this implies an effort on your part to let the cupcakes you see on the street, chewing gum and you even leave the table sugar …. If CORRECT, sugar that you have at home, these candies do you have more hungry and therefore everything you eat turns to fat and this will gain weight. Step Number 6 Now if they start to hate me really, because during this period have to leave COFFEE even if it hurts to accept it but you have to be strong to lose weight fast in a week , also to compensate for this effort, but instead can take GREEN TEA and Milagro Pastillas as these drinks come and decaffeinated while have antioxidants that help you lose weight. and the last step 7 is accompanied with fun and goes hand in enrolling your tennis shoes as they are called in other countries and get ready for the gym, this is the part where more fun people and also helps to de- stress. by following these simple steps you can reach the goal of  losing weight fast in a week  to make things easier’ll show you a video where you can see these steps in a more fun way.

Mauritius Disco Discover Hotel

The Mauritius villa rental Hotel  (All Inclusive 24h) is part together with the Hotel first RIU Resort in Mauritius , which has opened its doors after a reform in the summer of 2014. It is located right on the beach of Le Morne, southwest of the island, under the historic Monte Brabant .

Its cuisine is based on fresh produce and hot and cold dishes prepared at the time served in the main restaurant with terrace . Also customers can enjoy the Asian restaurant. The lobby bar, lounge and beach complement the offer of renowned all – inclusive hotel service. The Hotel is an ideal place because of its pool and free sunbeds, umbrellas and towels, adds full program of activities.  Its location makes it the perfect place for water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling or paddle surfing among others. In addition, those who wish may unleash your creativity through exclusive program RiuArt .

At the resort, guests will find also spa with different treatments, hairdresser, beauty salon and massage (surcharge), and will be available free jacuzzi and hammam.

Every night program offers live music and shows , and the fun continues, 6 days a week open the disco and karaoke free hotel.

mauritius villa rental, located southwest of the Indian Ocean, 900 kilometers off the east coast of Madagascar, enjoys some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, and other natural areas that make it a dream destination.These include its rich seabed, the Earth of 7 colors, the Tamarind Falls or the ancient craters of extinct volcanoes, converted today in large lakes, woodlands and meadows. The natural wealth of the island, which the eternal smile of its inhabitants adds, descendants of the various waves of colonizing these lands, make a wonderful environment full of tourist attractions.

Discover the offers of Mauritius and the hotel and enjoy this holiday paradise.


Disco today comes with a singer, songwriter, arranger, in short, a thousand and one uses of Brazilian music: Maurício Manieri. He began his piano studies and classical music when he was only six years old, and put his foot on stage for the first time at age eight … Prodigy, right people ?! Even with classical music awards, the singer decided to plunge into the world of pop music, when he created with his brother the band Delta T. He dropped the College of Chemical Engineering to devote himself solely to music career. In the 90s, when success starts to become more comprehensive, Mauritius record with famous international singers such as Culture Beat , Alexia and Double You , hits of the decade. Then launches in 1998, his first solo album, “A Night Full,” which included his greatest hits. Now check out his songs that marked the novels:


Song: I Just Wanna Stop
Year: 2013
Novel: Deadly Sin
In the current novel Rede Record, written by Carlos Lombardi, Mauritius once again be present with the theme song of Carlão protagonists (Fernando Peacock) and Patricia (Simone Spoladore). It is a re-recording of the song Gino Vanelli, the ides of 70.

Up & Down nightclub will be a gym

The Up & Down Barcelona nightclub, located in the street Numància, will become a gym. The DC personal trainer chain will invest three million euros to open a new sports center in this club uptown. The last dance of Up & Down was in July this year. The owner of the property, Catalana Occidente, then informed the business owners that was not going to renew the contract.

The gym, the 14th of the company that runs Ramon Canela, will cover an area of 1,300 square meters. According to the company, the center will open in the second quarter of 2009 and 25 people will work on it. The gym is aimed at managers in the area and will be oriented personal training.

Sports facilities incorporate luxurious amenities, a large area wellness and a team of technical and personal trainers. The former Up host the room fitness , and Down, the locker room , massage area, a Jacuzzi and steam baths.


Between shooting and shooting, Elijah Wood, Idris Elba and even Hodor of ‘Game of Thrones’ kill them clicking for a fevered based synthetic drugs crowd, and there are few filmmakers who are accused of DJs by selecting temazos they include in their films. And there are also films (documentaries) about the world of Dj. For the premiere of ‘Eden’, arguably the best of all of them, we review some titles on the subject. These movies are always available on xmovies8



Mia Hansen-Love pays homage to his brother, Sven Løve, garage dj crashed during the era of French Touch. While Daft Punk were perpetual rush, his alter ego, played by Felix de Givry, going from bad to worse.



The Swiss returned to his Ibiza debut ( ‘More’, 1969), but Pink Floyd has been supplanted by the repertoire of a German Dj (Martin Keller) who aspires to play in the club’s title film. A title with a double meaning, also, it symbolizes the relationship of the German people with their past.



Nightclubs in Mauritius

Join the most popular places of the moment to dance all night:

The Takamaka at Grand Baie
Le Takamaka is located in Grand Baie in the north of Mauritius. Beautiful decor, a spacious dance floor, the nightclub is open every weekend an “in” customers. The quality of service is impeccable, the welcome to the service offered by the bar. We let the music lead to the end of the night! A terrace is located at the entrance of the club for those who prefer to enjoy a drink in good company.
Tel: (230) 747 4563 Les Enfants Terribles, Pointe-aux-CannoniersLes Enfants Terribles is a nightclub located in the Pointe aux Canonniers north of Mauritius. On Royal Road that runs from Grand Baie Montchoisy a weekend or a day before the holiday, from 23h the crowd gathered at the entrance. It has an excellent reputation with residents of Mauritius villas as among visiting tourists. Its very large outdoor terrace invites you to enjoy a drink in a cozy atmosphere. It is also an opportunity to get some air after dancing. Les Enfants Terribles offer you to wiggle about electronic music, modern songs and tend to your enjoyment. Tel: (230) 263 8117 The Buddha Club in Grand Bay Situated on the way Vingt Pieds at Grand Baie, local are large, spacious dance floor and an open terrace with a bar for the convenience of its customers with secure parking. It goes from house music and mainstream music, depending on the day. The mysterious multicolored drinks are always popular with the bold clientele. The Buddha is popular, it remains one of the most crowded public holiday weekends or sleep clubs.

The Amnezia in Ebène The Amnezia is located Ebony nightclub, surrounded by cyber towers, it is very popular and frequented by Cyberworkers of Mauritius, formerly called the Keops it reopened its doors recently. In a chic and convivial decor, night club Amnezia invites you throughout the week for an “after work” from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.. During the evenings and events, the club also offers a catering service. You are a VIP room and a dirty VVIP to offer more privacy to customers and service expectations of prestigious clients. The Shout Club in Flic-en-Flac The Shout Club is the temple of the true clubbers of Mauritius! The club met all the necessary conditions to party through the night. Enclosed room, smoky and illuminated. The Club organizes themed evenings, Hippie party, beach wear for parties and electro parties. The fact Shout imagination when it comes to set fire to the dancefloor. Led by a professional team, the club has established itself at the head of the Mauritian nightlife since its opening. The Club also hosted the decks of big international names from the world of night. If you go west of Mauritius and if you’re a fan of the world of the night and you are looking for originality, it is the appointment of the weekend not to be missed.

Online Marketing for Restaurants: 5 essential techniques

The restaurants are enormously complex business and subject to a very high level of competition in Spain. Year after year we attended a dance numerous ups and downs in which we said goodbye illustrious business and we welcome new options that arouse great expectations.

Smartphones and restaurants

Although clearly are traditional businesses, their influence in the digital field is unquestionable. If someone believes that the Internet has no impact on your restaurant is that not only do not know the digital world but do not know your customers. Is not it common to see customers photographing food with mobile? Is not it common to see customers focused on their phone when they should be talking or eating? Are there not many restaurant reviews online? Why they have appeared large multinational companies offering online reservations? Why are millions of people attending and commenting on what some chefs like José Andrés and David de Jorge say on social networks?

It may not be as important. Perhaps some professional exhibitionists abuse. But the online marketing without being the most important for a restaurant that works well, is important and this importance is and will continue growing in the coming years. Even more important, due to the very significant technological change, the opportunities that now exist can not be maintained over time.

What online marketing can bring to a restaurant?

Once satisfied the human need to feed a purely nutritional purpose, the restaurants become entertainment companies that allow enjoy a moment in the company of friends or family (s social), tasting new and exciting flavors in a different context than usual (experience).

Given that social relations are increasingly linked to the Internet by the phenomenon of social networks, this first factor, the food as a social event, it seems that no longer will be able to separate the technology environment. Since communication between diners to set date, time and place until the subsequent comments by posting photos and opinions.

Tasting food could seem further away from the digital field aspect. At the end of the day , they can not be transmitted by Internet odor or taste. However, restaurants increasingly paying more attention to the presentation . If this happens it is because it is important to convey a sense according to the quality of the food. It is necessary that the customer experience sensations with food even before it to his mouth. The image, either photo or video, it does have a very large capacity to spread online. Therefore, even a diminished form in terms of quality, by being left out of the equation the smell and taste, the image can be transmitted to an almost infinite number of people, ie, the Internet allows communicate an experience less intense to more people.

How to promote a restaurant through online marketing?

The most important thing would be to design a course composed of different aspects of Your Business Digital to give coherence to the productive part made of room and kitchen with the communication part strategy. Communication should also take into account the on and offline elements. It is, this is the first technique that we recommend for online marketing.

  1. QR coastersIntegrates online media in the classroom experience . This is of great value because the customer happens to be a point to have more contact with the restaurant visitor, giving the business more opportunities to serve and seduce him to repeat. Since elements of communication and a continued impact as the facade, the sign, display elements on the door or outside the premises (daily menu showcase with letter exhibitor card …), the client is no approaches the tables may have elements as flyers, printed paper tablecloths and letter and finally, before retiring, customers receive the note on a plate or case. Obviously put a logo on the label size Facebook trade name is somewhat exaggerated but there are many things that can be done. For example, if we use a blackboard to post the day ‘s menu outside, we could let users know that information is available on the website or social networks. Perhaps customers menu of the day not always go ahead or do not retain that information from the office but can easily consult and precisely when making the decision of where to eat. The showcase with the letter may also include a web address and social network icons for the interested visitor knows that you can access at a later time to see photos of the property. Finally, to deliver the note, it is an ideal place to ask that values their experience on the website, on Facebook or on trip time. A shortened URL or QR code can facilitate access from mobile devices.
  2. Make yourself visible on the Internet . We should note that there are different levels of visibility. You may find the restaurant to the web page appears, missing more, why search engines are what they are. It would also be nice to have a business listing onGoogle My Business on Tripadvisor , in Foursquare , on Yelp … and all pages and local directories that can help us know and improve our online reputation . As a finishing touch, allowing users looking us in Google, Google Maps and Google+ make a virtual visit to the establishment can bring a lot of confidence and improve the image.
  3. Participate and show your arguments . Nobody knows a restaurant as well as their managers although we tend to overestimate the knowledge of loyal customers. It is possible (if not certain) that the best customers do not know all the dishes on the menu or who do not know what’s new seasonal or special letter are outside. A good use of social networks allow you to communicate all the news and publicize those special and full flavor dishes but perhaps by having a too common name is not drawing attention in the election of the diners. Publishing attractive product photos and making recommendations, followers will be tempted to try them .
  4. Listen and learn . Although it should be the number 1 in all lists of good recommended practices it becomes more evident the need after reading the above. If we share our suggestions with the client, how are we going to stop to answer your queries and concerns?The online communication is bidirectional many occasions and customer feedback are the greatest treasure that can receive any business. Although the most common is to ask the table for their satisfaction after a meal or dinner, is also often say it has been very nice but it is not true. Virtual communication is more sincere, for better and for worse. This does not mean not being in social networks no longer be critical to an establishment. On the contrary, sometimes the mere presence of a brand deters some critics users to translate their comments. Analyzing this fact from a positive perspective, the restaurant has the potential to identify key areas for improvement as the ideal size of the portions, the level of service of staff, etc. There are many online tools and websites surveys assessing the reputation of a restaurant, properly use and ask the opinion on social networks are actions that will help us improve the business.
  5. Email marketing in restaurantsUse the email . You may perceive email as a prehistoric tool in the mix of online media but remains one of the services most used Internet and, contrary to what was believed, its use has increased since the emergence of social networks. We do not speak here of bombing with inconsequential information, of course, but to make it easier for customers who so wish relevant information about the business. There are many users who want to know if the schedule is amended in summer, if there will be special menus for Christmas dinners or return those dishes so delicious truffle next season. In addition to these types newsletter emails that we should not abuse the email marketing has other equally important uses. For example, a contact form on the web can help us catalog, automate and respond to different user communication (press, employment, schedule information …). Similarly, if we manage online reservations, is very convenient tap the email confirmation to suggest that we follow on social networks or to recommend the service to friends.

These are just 5 of the many things you can do online to improve performance a restaurant. It will never be the most important. Restaurants, like any other business, have to be good at their core business , in the kitchen and living room, but in an environment of great competition, such a powerful tool as the Internet can be the factor that decline the balance in favor of a business.

Clubs for dogs, or the rebirth of Wall Street

The financial district of New York is preparing to expand its nightlife scene with a very unique place: Fetch. So it called local, only to dogs, which will open next May in the southern part of Manhattan.The property, owned by entrepreneurs Peter Balestrieri and Jenna Lee (former employee of Wall Street), seeks to attract pets workers in the financial sector of the Big Apple, which, for 35 dollars (26.32 euros) per day, they can leave their dogs safe with joint supplements for dogs. Fetch, located at number 85 South Street (in an old factory snuff with over 200 years of history), has an area of 278 square meters, where canine services will be offered, such as beauty treatments, massages, pedicures, home cooking, ball games and dance classes, as if it were a club. Its promoters have had to overcome the opposition of local residents (fearful of the night barking) and local authorities, soundproofing the premises. The club, the first of its kind that exists in the city of New York, has a very large potential audience. The City Council estimated 530,000 dogs populate the streets of the Big Apple.

The southern part of Manhattan, where there are more than 150 nightlife, will also grow with enlargement, which has just announced the social club Down Town Association, the oldest Local fifth of Manhattan, founded 151 years ago. Frequented by bankers and chaired by Mark Alther, increase its surface, to build squash courts and rooms, and will have nine floors.

Fetch expansion and social club, though anecdotal, shows that the economy starts to recover in New York, where even Paul Nawrocki has found a job. This former employee of a toy company became one of the faces of the recession in Manhattan hit the streets of the city, caught in a sandwich sign that it was advertised as nearly Without techo¿. Two years later, Nawrocki reworks in the company Fantasma Toys.

The office of controller of New York estimates that the gross city product (indicator which measures economic activity) grew by 0.9% in the fourth quarter 2009 to 602,000 million, outpacing the decline experienced one year before, which it was 3%. The increase in activity, while still anemic, is the first produced for two years. The Big Apple, which has a weight in the overall US GDP of 4.2%, also denotes signs of recovery in the labor market, albeit timid. Thus, the unemployment rate is now at 10.2%, down 10.5% from the end of 2009. The financial sector companies have begun to expand templates, especially to adapt to the reform of the financial regulation. The plan, promoted by the White House, updated legislation mostly in place since 1930.

The economy of the city blesses the bonus (variable compensation) paid by companies in the banking sector employees in New York have grown by 17% in 2009 to 20.300 million. This growth has had a direct impact on the real estate market of Manhattan, which is ready to forget about the recession. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, regional subsidiary of the US central bank, emphasizes that the sale of apartments has doubled in the first quarter of this year (compared to the same period of 2010) and reached 2,300 units, with an average price per transaction of $ 868,000 (11% less). In addition, sales of luxury apartments (with prices exceeding 2.83 million) grew by 93.7%, according to property consultant StreetEasy. So far, so far this year, the floor which has been paid more money is in the Trump Tower, next to Central Park, which has changed hands for 33.18 million dollars.

All these symptoms point to optimism, although it is still too early to uncork the champagne.